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This, and more of the same, his Majesty who now reigns (and long and long may he reign, and his offspring for ever, himself and children and children’s children always!) knew full well, according to the singular wisdom given unto him by God, and the rare learning and experience that he has attained unto; namely, that whoever attempts any thing for the public, (especially if it relates to religion, and making available and clear the Word of God) the same sets himself up to be frowned upon in anger by every hateful enemy. Yes, he casts himself headlong upon pikes, to be gored by every sharp tongue. For he who meddles with men’s religion in any part meddles with their customs, yes, and also with their freehold [an estate in land or office held for life or with the right to pass it on through inheritance] and though they find no contentment in what they have, yet they cannot abide to hear of altering their traditions. This notwithstanding, his royal heart was not daunted or discouraged for this or that argument, but stood resolute, as a statue immovable, and an anvil not easy to be beaten into plates. As one said; he knew who had chosen him to be a soldier, or rather a captain; and being assured that the course which he intended was for the glory of God, and the building up of his Church, he would not allow it to be defeated by any speeches or actions. It does certainly belong unto kings, yes, it does specially belong unto them, to have care of religion. Indeed it is theirs to know it rightly; to profess it zealously; and to promote it to the uttermost of their power. This is their glory before all well meaning nations, and this will bring them a most excellent reward of glory in the day of judgment by the Lord Jesus. For the Scripture says not in vain, Those who honor Me I will honor [1SA 2:30]. Neither was it a vain word that Eusebius delivered long ago when he said, "That piety towards God was the weapon, and the only weapon, that both preserved Constantine’s person, and avenged him of his enemies."

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