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Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh [GEN 2:24].

Sex education for youth–DON'T.

Modern sex education is not based on a need to know the "facts of life." It is based on the unbridled wickedness of the hearts of mankind who wish to live only to fulfill the lusts of the flesh and it is open rebellion against the laws of God.

Modern sex education, on the whole, is an attempt to teach the young how to have sex when and as they please with the use of the available means to prevent the occurrence of pregnancies. When these means fail or are not used the next VERY frequent recommendation is to abort (murder) the helpless little one.

What does God say about sex? In its place it is good, right and necessary in His plan and purposes. That proper place is within the marriage relationship. Outside of marriage it is absolutely forbidden.

A study of the mechanics of sex is NOT necessary. Those mechanics are very natural and normal. No where in nature has our "sophisticated" sex education been necessary and yet each species has quite handily reproduced itself from generation to generation. What our age needs is to repent of its wickedness and turn to God and obey Him. What we need is for church leaders and congregations to be converted and walk once more in the ways of our God-fearing forefathers of old. Ours is a generation which has forsaken the ways of the Lord.

Our youth need education about sex alright. They need to be taught by word and example that sex outside of marriage is absolutely wrong. It is SIN. Divorce, adultry and fornication are an abomination to God. God will in due time pour out His wrath upon those who practice such deeds. Repent or perish.

The sex education that both our youth and adults desperately need is the very plain–DON'T do it outside the marriage relationship PERIOD.

Marriage is honorable in every thing, and the bed undefiled, but fornicators and adulterers God will judge [HEB 13:4].

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